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Achieving is Becoming

I would like to introduce you to someone.  Meeting this person could change your life from this day forward.  You won’t be able to shake their hand.  You won’t be able to exchange any words.  And though this person cannot see you if you look very hard you might be able to see a look of confidence in their eyes.  You might see the look of someone who has paid the price to get where they are.   This is a person that looked at where they were and then looked into the future at who they wanted to be, what they wanted to do, what they wanted to have and they got it, they got it all. They paid the price to grow, to act on their dreams, to persevere through the doubts and failures.  You will see in them that they have become victorious.

That person is you.  Inwardly just now you might have felt a tinge of disappointment or doubt.  Cast that from your mind!  Anyone who is willing to look at where they are now and where they want to be in the future can become that person who as earned the victory.  What lies between us and who we want to become is a GAP.  Big or small does not matter.

Let me give you a personal example of what I mean. When I was a freshman in High School we had a neighbor by the name of Jack.  Jack had been an NCAA All-American football player drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.  A knee injure ended his career.   When I met Jack I was a freshman football player in High School.  I would go to the Varsity games.   I wanted to be one of those guys.  In fact I wanted to be one of the best when I got there but I was thin, slow and not very strong.  Jack shared with me what I am trying to share with you.  He helped me understand how to bridge that GAP so that I could become that person who realized that victory when I became a senior.  The me of the future would become fast, strong, muscular, confident and aggressive.  Jack helped me look forward into the future that I want and more importantly what I needed to become.  Over time the future became reality.  Thanks to Jack I received the major awards of our area and an MVP trophy from my teammates.  Over the course of three years I had evolved into a new person.

Another example, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I recommend his biographies.  As a young teenager in Gratz Austria he enjoyed going to the movies.  I understand his favorites were the Hercules movies starring Steve Reeves, formerly an American Bodybuilder.  Then a dream was born. A teenage kid in Austria briefly caught a glimpse of that person he wanted to become.  Arnold saw himself as a champion bodybuilder and American movie star.  Over time the GAP was bridged and he became a person capable of being a champion and movie star.  We all know the fantastic achievements Arnold has realized.  The details of his story have long been an inspiration to me.

For the ladies, perhaps another example is appropriate. JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series,  struggled with a relationship with her father, her mother died of MS.  The relationship with her husband was a difficult.  She had a miscarriage.  Eventually a daughter came.  The marriage fell apart.  She was alone, poor and on welfare.  Add to that clinical depression.  But as she sat on a train between London and Manchester she came up with a story to entertain her daughter.  It was in many moments like that in which I imagine JK began to catch glimpses of herself and her future.  Hard though it was she bridged the GAP.  You can too.

What can you and I do to bridge the GAP?   I will explain in the next blog entry.


I had the opportunity during the last week of June to visit Beijing China to provide training to a small group.

Check one off the bucket list!

The training sessions were vibrant and full of discussion and growth.   We discussed everything from sales tactics to service  and processes.

It was my first time to China.  I loved it!  What a vibrant city!  I went not knowing what to expect but I would have to say t that I expected less technology and industry than I found.  Highways, cars, buildings, everything as modern as home.  The subways were packed with people, young and old, actively communicating via their mobile devices.  Some things have no boundaries.

Thanks to my hosts!


Jason Hewlett-Wow is an understatement!

I have been strongly influenced by the best motivational speakers our world has to offer over the last 30 years. I have also laughed and admired the talents of the greatest comedians. Never have I seen a speaker combine the talents of the motivator with the talents of the comedian like Jason Hewlett does. He may be from another galaxy!   

with Mr. Jason Hewlett
with Mr. Jason Hewlett


Tonight there were just a few of us gathered to join residents of a humble half-way house of people looking to change their lives.  He promised to give us his absolute best and he more than fulfilled that promise. I have seen him speak in front of hundreds of people.  Now get this! Jason gave as much in that small living room as he gives on the big stages! He brought me to the point of tears with laughter and then, with inspiration.  No wonder he was the National Speaker’s Association Keynote speaker for the 2016 convention. If you need a keynote speaker for a corporate or community event, it will be an absolute life-changing hit with Jason.  As far as I am concerned, he is the best in the world of motivational speakers today!

Contact him at

Continuing Education

I enjoyed a marvelous weekend of continuing education.  Jim Key, the 2003 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking,  Eric Culverson, comedian and speaker, as well as Patricia Townsend, speaker and National Speakers Association member all presented a the Toastmaster District 15 Fall Conference.  I loved every minute of their presentations and enjoyed some personal discussion time.

Jim is not only a marvelous speaker but also a speaking coach.  I purchased everything he had.  Eric was funny and inspiring.  Patricia, by her sheer demeanor and stage presence is a tremendous example of speaking confidence and authority.   I am a fan of each of them!

Although I have spoken for the last 30 years I keep learning and developing from professionals like this.  We need to be around people who are successful in what we want to be successful in.   We need to invest money in our ourselves as well.  Their thoughts become our thoughts when we take them in and put them in action.

Your dream is a possible.  If you will do things like this you get closer.  The vision and the pathway becomes clearer, an closer.