Is Your Company On Target?

Bridging The Gap

Do you have employees with obvious potential but seem held back by doubt, fears and past failures?

Do your departments keep missing their quarterly and annual goals?

Get them started on the path to change and reach your goals!

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The Bridge The Gap Workshop lays out a process aimed at getting totally on target mentally toward accomplishing goals and bridging that gap between where employees are and were you and they want to be. 


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Jeff’s motivational, straight shooting and thought provoking speaking style – coupled with practical experiences and action Items – will get your team thinking about how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to get to. He enjoys sharing stories that may help you and your employees accelerate your company’s key performance indicators. 

In addition to serving as a keynote speaker and master of ceremonies, Jeff on doing interactive breakout sessions and workshops.

Other Services 

Motivational Keynote

Get on Target with these topics:


  • Motives that move you
  • The Force Of Focus
  • Explode Into Execution 
Motivational Seminar

Half or Full Day Motivational Training and Workshop:


These interactive sessions take attendees along a focused path from purpose (the “why” of the goal) to performance persistence and victory.

Ongoing Consultation

Consultation on the design of your corporate training plans. Emphasis on Sales and Customer Service

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching customized to help you reach your goals.

Group Webinars

Custom topics for the needs of your organization: 

  • Motivation
  • Success Pattern
  • Attitude 
Speech Coaching and Delivery For:

Executives, Leaders and Educators 

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