On Target to your goals?

Having fun with the crowd!
Having fun with the crowd!

Move your team forward! Jeff’s passionate speaking style — coupled with practical experiences and action items — will motivate you and your employees toward performance levels that will accelerate your company’s key performance indicators.

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In addition to serving as Master of Ceremonies or as a Keynote Speaker Jeff thrives on doing breakout sessions/workshops targeted at Sales, Customer Service and Leadership:


  • Managing the Mind-Attitude
  • Time Management-ROI in Every Hour
  • Goal Setting-Totally  on Target

Customer Service

  • Managing the Mind-Attitude, Confidence
  • Time Management-Everything in Its Place
  • Goal Setting-Becoming the Best

    Break out session training
    Break out session training


  • Managing the Mind-Attitude, Confidence
  • Expectation is Everything-Goal Setting


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